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Continued | Top Ten Things To Do In Tokyo

Can't get enough of Japan. My favorite travel destination just keeps on giving me more reason to stay there for good. In fact, I've been thinking of studying Nihongo to understand and converse with the locals on our next visit.

6. Experience Japanese Culture To The Fullest.

Japan's culture is unique and will totally give you an entirely new travel experience. Japanese identity is intricately weaved in almost everything that you see in Japan. The minimalist order, the simplicity in design and architecture, the politeness of the people, all combine together to create a harmony that is pleasant to the senses of the visitors. I can ensure you that your trip to Japan, wherever you come from, will be enjoyable and memorable. Savor the scent of miso in Ramen, get lost in the intricate subways, bow your heads as you interact with the Japanese people, be awkward in attempting to try the vending machines and using the chopsticks - essentially, get lost in translation and let the entire experience be fluid and smooth and don't try to make your trip so perfect to enjoy Japan to the fullest.


7. There is an abundance of Instagram-worthy Street Fashion Snaps.

I really have to say, Japan is the fashion capital of Asia. Their style and penchant for fashion is one of the best in the orient. They have mastered the art of minimalism and the desire to make everything look so expensive. Now is the time to take your mad photography skills and your discerning eye and grab those fancy moments in the fast-paced streets of Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, Asakusa, Ginza, etc.

8. Shop until you drop.

Tokyo may not be in the top list of cheapest countries in the world, but Tokyo does not disappoint in the shopping department. It may not be as cheap as its Asian neighbors, but Japan has caught my eye and hijacked my wallet.

Come to Ueno and get the feel of Divisoria or Bangkok or Hong Kong. Ueno has a long alley of shops that sell affordable bags, cosmetics, shoes, souvenirs, jackets, pre-loved designer bags. Its manic, yet there is order in chaos in this vibrant strip of shops and food stalls. Your 5,000 Yen or Php 2,400 will come a long way, believe me. Wallets prices are around 500 to 1000 yen. Anello bags are from 2900 to 4000 Yen. Backpacks around 3000 to 4000 yen. Trolley bags from 3900 to 6900 yen. Winter jackets from 1000 to 5000 yen and premium quality jackets up to 20K Yen. It's like the Divisoria only less stressful.

Kinshincho as they say is another shopping mecca though I cannot confirm since we only have a few hours left in Japan when we went here. Pressed by time we hurried towards Maruki (or Marueki? Google please) and went straight to Seria - a famous 100 Yen shop in Japan, much like 'Can Do' and the more famous 'Daiso'. 100 Yen is already a bargain although you have to realize that the actual price will end up to 108 yen due to tax. As a rule in Japan, they say you can only enjoy Tax deduction when your single purchase reaches 5000 yen. Anytime lower than that will make you pay for the tax. But still 108 yen to PHP is like Php 48. Super cheap no? I bought 28 items in Seria and it was a good run :)

There is a Lawson 100 Yen shop all across Tokyo though not as many as the regular convenience stores such as Lawson, FamilyMart and 711. But if you happen to come across a Lawson 100 Yen Shop (the Lawson sign board is colored green as compared to the regular Lawson store which is blue), take the opportunity to find affordable items such as Japanese Mayonnaise ( I know right ), Chili Oil, Noodles, extension cords, ziplocs, 500ml Shampoo and Conditioners refill pack, and many more. You will be surprised that your 1000 yen or 500php can go a long, long way with Lawson 100.

Anime enthusiast? Toy collector? Feeling the need to splurge into gadgets? Go to Akihabara (one station away from Ueno) or go a little bit further by going to Nagano.

9. Go To Japanese temples of shrine, a break from the eccentricities of modern Tokyo

Don't let your trip be swamped by the modern side of Japan, occasionally immersed yourself in Japan's history by going to the Imperial Palace Garden or in the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. Though a bit touristy, a trip to Japan will never be complete without visiting this religious shrines that is reminiscent of Japanese culture and tradition.

My recommendation - The Sensoji Temple, a train station away from Tokyo Skytree.

10. Lastly, enjoy the moment. 

Stop worrying about your job back home and savor this rare experience to experience an entirely differently world full of surprises. The people of Japan are one of the kindest souls in the world, you will surely enjoy their extreme politeness and courtesy. The weather is amazing and most of all it's just a four hour trip from Manila :)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Flytpack Travel Wifi When Flying

Admit it. You want to stay connected every time you are traveling. Gone are the days when you want to completely fade away and disconnect from reality and just enjoy your vacation in a faraway place. But nowadays, an access to the internet while traveling overseas is considered a necessity rather than a luxury anymore.

When I travelled to Japan last year I didn't know that there is an alternative to expensive mobile data roaming. Data roaming via local telco would cost you around Php 500/day. I had no choice back then but to subscribe to mobile data and I have to spend almost Php 2,000 for my four day trip. You can not share your data to other users via mobile hotspot as it will automatically cancel your subscription. So it was an expensive choice to be honest.

Then I discovered Flytpack. Flytpack is your global pocket WiFi travel buddy that gets you connected abroad without outrageous roaming charges waiting for you back home.

Here's the Top Five Reasons why 'Flytpack' is the better choice.

1. Affordable. You will be surprised that Flytpack's pocket wifi is reasonably price. Daily Rent for Japan is Php 280.00 only. There is a deposit fee (Php 2,800) on top of the rental fee but it is refundable once you return the unit. I think this is just fair given that the device could get lost. Compared to data roaming, this is definitely a bang for the buck.

2. Unlimited Data. First thing I asked prior to purchase is the amount of data per day allocated per user. They told me it was 1GB/day for all users combined. I was hesitant at first because I feel like 1GB/Day is not enough as I consider myself a heavy user (I use Facebook Live, upload videos in Instagram, watch Youtube occasionally) and I will be also sharing the data to others. But I took the chance and told myself I will just save the data and use it for important applications while on travel.

But I was surprised that I never got throttled at all. Speed was consistent all day. It was fast and very, very reliable. I was doing all the internet activities as though I have an unlimited data.

3. Portable and can be used as a powerbank.  The downside is that the unit could be a little bit bulky and heavy than the usual Pocketwifi we have in the Philippines, but consider this as an important feature because when travelling, the least of your concern is running out of battery. I think the weight of the unit is just fair. A fully-charged unit could last for a day or two and you can even use it to charge your phone.

4. Convenient and Hassle-Free Purchase. I decided to go to their office (Jecoprime Building 20th Avenue, BGC Taguig City), because I need to get the unit immediately. I got there and finished my transaction in no more than an hour. Payment was via cash and you can get the unit right away.

But if you are busy and couldn't find time to go to their office, you can purchase the unit by following the steps below. They can actually deliver the unit to your desired address.

5. Connectivity. The best thing. Share it. If you are travelling as a group, this is a no-brainer, Flytpack is just so reliable in making sure you are all connected to each other (just make sure you travel as a group always :)

There you go. I hope these were able to convince you to use Flytpack on your next travel itinerary. I am sure this is going to make your vacation extra awesome :)

Please note that they also provide Travel Wifi to select countries aside from Japan.

You can visit their website for more info:
Or Like Their Facebook:

P.S. Thinking of purchasing JR Pass while still here in PH, they also sell JR Pass :)

Unit 703, 20th Drive Corporate Center (Jecoprime) 20th Drive, McKinley Business Park Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Call 0926 018 2272

The Phoenix Post | The Ultimate Flip Guide to Tokyo

Here it is! Alas. After a long hiatus, Mr. Flip Guide is back. And he is back with a vengeance.

Stop. This is being too dramatic. My goal for this year is to be more direct and concise in my stories. But I can't promise, I write like a machine gun, I may not be able commit on a new style guide.

The first months of this year and the latter part of 2016 were tough. I am a bit depressed for being stuck in a moment, but I am positive that the remainder of 2017 will be a fantastic run. Now off to the first good news in this resurrection post - the long overdue trip to Tokyo, Japan!

The first time I went to Japan was way back 1998. I was 11 years old then, turning 12. I was part of an exchange student program sponsored by the Rotary Club of Diliman. Among the thousand students, five were luckily chosen and I was blessed to be selected as one of the participants. We were trained for basics on Japan's culture - language, customs and traditions, food - but we were so young then to digest everything. It wasn't in Tokyo though, it was in Nagano City, northernmost part of Japan which was the setting of the 1998 Winter Olympics. It was my first snow experience, one of the most memorable moment of my life.

And now I am back, in February again, my favorite month. This time in one (if not the most) modern and cosmopolitan city in the world - Tokyo.

Let me do this post in a simple format - The Top 10 Things You Can Do In Tokyo :)

1. Splurge in Japan's Hottest Sensation - Ramen

It's a no-brainer decision, when in Japan, you have to find the nearest ramen spot and immerse yourself into a one of a kind dining experience. Never mind the rules, just use the chopsticks very well, and finish the bowl of ramen soup by slurping the soup right from the bowl itself. Using the soup spoon is just too plain and time consuming. You might be asking, how much is a bowl of ramen in Tokyo? The price range is around 400 Yen to 1000 Yen (200 PHP to 500PHP) per bowl. It's gonna be worth it specially if you decide to go to Japan during winter season.

2. Don't forget the quick journey to Tsukiji Fish Market (Right across the Tsukiji Station)

Yes it sounds to boring, but a trip to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market is a must. Japan's love for seafood is comparable to ours. But their seafood selection is just so overwhelming. And if you think the fish market is full of flies and other pests and the foul odor could be a downer, you are forgetting that you are in Japan (where in every world problem, their is a corresponding Japan solution). There is no single fly in the area, no annoying crawling cockroaches in the sewers, no stray dogs or cats waiting for some leftovers, no hint of any foul smell at all.

First thing you have to try is the famous egg fish omelette. There are at least two or three stalls selling this popular cake but look for the one with the longest line :)

Afterwards, roam around the food stalls selling various types of seafood such as fish curry, seafood skewers, fish cakes and other non-seafood items such as strawberries, mochi and chinese dimsum.

3. Immerse yourself in Japan's Super Reliable Transport System

When we went to Fukuoka last year, our main transport were buses and Japan Railway (JR). But in Tokyo, get ready to get lost in their mega-advanced and comprehensive links of trains (JR, Subway, Shinkansen or bullet train). You may find it overwhelming and difficult in the first day but I tell you, it's going to be easy as you go along.

Recommendation: Use the Google Maps. It has options to guide you in finding the location of the the stations. Use Google Maps instead of the print version of the Tokyo Map and the train system. It's going to make your life easy in Tokyo. The trains schedule are synchronized with Google Map so it is the only thing you need for transportation. See my below guide on how to use Google Maps.

Well aside from the Metro Pass of course.

Tip: Where can I get the Metro Pass? There are a lot of areas where you can avail the pass. It's highly recommended for you to get one specially if you're the type of guy who would hop from one area to another. It's going to save you a lot of yen and time. We purchased our pass in BIC Camera store in Shibuya station. Right next to McDonald's. Below are the sample of the ticket for your guidance and the corresponding rates:

Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket – Adult: 800 yen, Child: 400 yen
Tokyo Subway 48-hour Ticket – Adult: 1,200 yen, Child: 600 yen
Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket – Adult: 1,500 yen, Child: 750 yen

4. Japan's Secret Weapon - The Cherry Blossoms

No other countries could match the splendor of Japan's Sakura Trees Blossoms. We are lucky to have witnessed a handful of trees that start to blossom (because the actual start of the full bloom is around April). Best time to go to Japan to witness the full bloom is on the last week of March onwards. But if you happen to arrive in Tokyo at an earlier date (February let's say), you may be able to see some early blooms in Ueno Park (right across Ueno Station) and or in Yoyogi Park (Near Harajuku Station)

5. There are more than just the ramen. Japan has an explosion of flavors in their food and every kind of food in Tokyo is a delight to your tastebud.

To Be Continued >> Part II (The Ultimate Flip Guide - The Top 10 Things You Can Do In Tokyo )

Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to motivate yourself to work after a long vacation

It has been the longest holiday so far. Your mind is still anchored on that sweet vacation, and you refuse to believe that is back to reality. No matter how workaholic you are, you still find time for a valuable break from a hectic routine, either for a week or several days. Admit it, you deserve it. If you continue to adhere or attach to your work 24/7 you’ll never succeed. We need a hiatus or hibernation for us to get another supply of energy and detoxify ourselves from the stress, pollution and negative energies.

But going to back to work after a long vacation is never really that easy. It takes an iron hand to drag you out of your bed in the morning of Monday. The longing for the next long weekend is so strong it will pervasively occupy your mind for the next two to three days. So here are the tips that I hope could help you motivate yourself to go back to work with a positive attitude.

1. If you have a webmail access to your office emails, try to check before you sleep. This can give you a feel of ‘get back to work’ mindset. This will make you aware of the pending works and necessary tasks needed to be done and to get yourself out of the vacation mode. This will also help you determine if there is an urgent thing to be done immediately when you return so that you won’t get surprised when you open your inbox the moment you arrived in the office.

2. Go shop for a new office stuff like a notebook, ball-pen, new organizer or office mug, or if you have a money to spend, buy a new gadget that can enhance your work, or a new office clothe/attire. Sometimes, new items can motivate us to go to work as we are eager to use it or start our day with a new stuff on our table.

3. No matter how tough it is, think about this – you need to work to survive. Find the inspiration again – are you working to save money for a new car or to pay for a rent? Are you working because you need to pay your debts or to help in your household expenses? Are you aiming for an extra income for you to spend in your next holiday vacation? Remember our mind is very powerful, it can make us think of lazy thoughts so the best way to counter this is find that goal or inspiration again.

4. Sleep. Listen to your iPod or read a book, this will make you feel relaxed and settled.

5. Organize yourself, fix your wardrobe, iron your clothes or fix your bags, try to rearrange your usual stuff order. You have to get yourself excited to work.

So there, the best thing you should do is to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Getting your mind out of the vacation mode but as soon as you feel the reality biting back at you, there is no way of turning back.

Happy easter!

Friday, April 4, 2014

How to take better photos (or successful selfie) using your smartphones.

I used to own two digital cameras, a Nikon D3000 and a Canon S100. I love the latter as it takes superb pictures without the heaviness of a DSLR. It's a point-and-shoot camera but it can take DSLR-quality photos. I sold both cameras for monetization purposes and felt guilty after that. I felt like I invested so much on these gadgets and eventually failed to make the most out of it. But it didn't take so long for me to move on.

Then came the smartphone. The advent of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones paved the way to the evolution of digital photography. Digital camera once ruled the market because it ultimately killed one of the greatest limitation of photography - film. People suddenly became obsessed with speed to process kind of photography. Gone were the days of patiently waiting for the development of films. We wanted to see photos seconds after we took it. Smartphones eventually make this desire even more possible and digital cameras are now suffering noticeable decline in sales as smartphones become more and more sophisticated and at par with digital camera's photo quality.

Summer is officially officially here and this season can also be synonymous with the word vacation. And vacation implies adventure or travel and travel requires endless captures of beautiful moments.

It's time to take your precious smartphone and get it into shooting action and follow these steps on how to take better photos or selfie.

1. CLEAN YOUR LENS: A lot of people take this for granted. A lot of our grainy and blurry shots are by-products of smudged lenses and even smartphone cases that block the lenses and the light that illuminates your subject. A lot of bulky smartphone cases would prevent your lenses to be touched by your hand and will make it susceptible to smudges but it could also give more shadows and improper lighting to the subjects so better yet choose a perfect casing that doesn't give your lens so much trouble.

2. LIGHTING IS AS BASIC AS TAKING THE SHOT: A lot of people are not wary of the quality of photos they share. They don't mind if their photos or selfies are grainy or dark as long as they can share any picture on a regular basis. While we love to see your freedom of expression, do also recognize the fact that there are a lot of photo enthusiasts out there who has an eye for details and consider bad photos as an inevitable pet-peeve. Low-light condition yields grainy photos, and a lot (or maybe even ALL) of smartphone nowadays has a poor ISO-settings and couldn't adjust to low-light conditions. You have to find the best spot where there is a better source of light or better yet use a flash (though it will make your shot less natural and even more dark as recent smartphones are still lacking a true-tone or even a dependable flash.)

Harness the power of natural lighting.
I love taking outdoor photos because sunlight is a perfect illuminator.

3. BY ALL MEANS, KEEP YOUR HANDS STEADY: You cannot bring a tripod every time, so it will take a significant amount of patience to take a quality photo. Blurry shots are courtesy of a shaking hand. So practice taking a shot with a steady-arm. Relax your muscles and refrain from doing unnecessary movements. It wouldn't take a minute to take a shot so please keep your fingers from trembling.

A lot of people also don't know that smartphones allow you to use your physical volume keys as an alternative shutter. This is much recommended as this would give you a more relax arm positions and it will eventually give you better shots. Try it. In fact, you can also use your headset volume keys as a shutter (this is for iPhone by the way)

4. ENABLE THE HIGH-RES, DON'T BE TOO OBSESSED WITH BUILT-IN FILTERS: Instagram helped us to transform our mediocre photos into share-worthy pieces of art. Admit it, you have your favorite filters, and choosing the right filter can be very stressful sometimes. The best thing to do is actually not to use a filter. High-quality photos, taken using a high-res settings with a perfect exposure and proper lighting are still better than an over-filtered shot.

Use a dependable photo-editing app. My favorite is Adobe Photoshop Express (Free) and iPhoto ($4.99 in Apple Store) because both has capability to tweak contrast, exposure, saturation, brightness and color in a user-friendly manner. That's all you need to create a stunning photo with the help of post-processing apps.

No filter. Closer to subject. Natural light. Used volume key as a shutter and in HDR (High-Def Resolution)

5. MACRO, RESTRAINT IN ZOOM, TAP SUBJECT TO ILLUMINATE: My apologies but this tip is inclined towards iPhone users. I have to express my preference because I have been using an iPhone for three years now and I believe it's an excellent camera phone. If you are using an iPhone, be aware that it has a capability to shoot in macro (if you're not sure about this, take a look at the photo below)

Took this using an iPhone 5. Used Early Bird filter in IG. Adjusted the color saturation a bit in Adobe Photoshop Express. Who says you can't practice depth of field in smartphone

Please don't abuse your digital zoom tool also. It has a threshold and there is a marker that informs you that you are already zooming to a maximum distance. You can use your feet to get closer to a subject if you wish to get a clearer shot.

Also in iPhone, you can tap an area before taking a shot in order to illuminate it better. Use it if you wish to lighten a shadowy/dark area but be patient enough as it doesn't give you a better lighting most of the time.

There you go, I bet there are more tips and tricks out there but the most important tip is to shoot to express and not to impress. Instagram used to be a photo-sharing app but now it has instantly transformed into an online shop or a selfie depository. Harness the power of your smartphone camera to produce a stunning photo worthy of being shared.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Navy Opens New Branch in BGC - Bonifacio High Street

Store Specialists Inc. has brought another successful brand in the Philippines. Old Navy opened their newest store in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City last March 22, 2014. It is located right across Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. The site used to be the flagship store of Muji and GAP and it occupies three floors. The ground floor area is dedicated for the Women's items, the second floor is for the kids and the third is for the Men's section. I immediately went to the third floor of course :)

Old Navy offers great selection of men's t-shirts and short sleeves polos. They have a good selection of chambrays too. I went to the store to look for the camo pants I saw online but much to my dismay, my object of affection is not available :(

Hope to get you very soon.....

 I only have a few minutes to roam around the store to catch my next meeting so I managed to sneak a few clicks to show you how the store looks like and some of the clothes they have in the rack so far.

The Verdict: If you are a fan of Uniqlo and Cotton On or Forever 21 or American Eagle Outfitters, those new retail brands on the block, you will not find anything interesting with Old Navy. It offers the same style and it has the same vibe to it.

The Price: Ranges around Php 1250-1950 for slacks and pants and cargo shorts. Plimsolls at Php 1,250 (good buy!) and tshirts at Php 400+ each. Competitive though :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

10 Things To Let Go This 2014

Every new year brings us to a new heights and challenges to be better individuals. 2013 has been a challenging year for all Filipinos and 2014 for sure is going to bring the same adversities and challenges. I do believe that every year carries the same ups and down, it is the people who are responsible to make the difference year on year.

This year, I would like to share a handful of things I would like to give up to make myself more happy and fulfilled. I am now a firm believer of harnessing the power of thought by putting it in concrete writing or recording. Documenting your ideas and thoughts makes it more potent and achievable.

Here we go:

1. Giving up on small deals that eventually consumes a high portion of my monthly budget. Come to think of it, every cup of Starbucks coffee that I buy every morning costs Php 135 (that's a tall warm sugar-free vanilla latte with non-fat milk), multiply it by five then by four would cost me a grand total of Php 2,700 coffee spent on a monthly basis. There is a sure possibility that I would be buying another cup of coffee on weekends and an extra cup on a day if there is an inevitable occasion. Those supplemental buys would yield an approximate additional coffee spent of around Php 300-500 every month, bringing my approximate coffee spent monthly grand total to a whopping Php 3,000. You won't see this sad realization everyday. It will take a bitter pill to swallow to fathom the sad fact that Starbucks is getting richer everyday while we fall into the trap of "looking cool because I can buy a latte from the Sbux". And the grand irony of it all is that I am a certified acidic and my stomach composition refuses the entry of any acidic compounds in its territory. I am putting this item on top because of its sheer importance and indispensability.

2. Giving up on unorganized trips and reckless field call itineraries. As a salesman, my work routine is heavily centered on client meetings and field calls. I am bound to meet my clients on their premises and it requires me to be out of the office most of the time. I am giving up on unnecessary and unprecedented client calls. I hereby certify that I am making use of my time more wisely and professionaly. This would eventually save me not only my precious time but also a significant amount of money. Learn to say no on irrelevant calls and only agree on important engagements. Start early, work hard and leave early.

3. Giving up on so much social media use and focus more on blogging and work emails. There are so much distractions last year. With the advent of so many social media platforms and technologies, the amount of time spent on dealing with corporate matters has been significantly reduced. I have been less-productive last year probably because of owning new gadgets and technologies that makes me want to research more new information. I realized the sad impact of this complacency by earning low-marks in my quarterly target and getting a horrific red-card for not meeting my goals. It was truly a a big wake-up call and I am not letting any distraction prevent myself from doing my work conscientiously. If there is one online thing that I would devote more time this year, it would be blogging since I've been wanting to invest on this skill for more than a decade already.

4. Giving up on shopping for myself. This year, I would like to shop more, not for me this time but for my family. For so many years I have been enjoying the fruits of my labor by spending so much on clothes, gadgets, travels, etc. for myself and very less for my parents. I do give money to them but I feel like I have been focusing so much on improving myself rather than the life of my providers. I feel like I owe them a huge favor and I have been ignoring their basic needs lately. I am attending to their basic necessities but I feel like I am lacking in the luxury department. I am blessed to have parents who have managed to work hard during their younger years in order to be sustainable when we reach our independent-hood, but that doesn't give me the privilege to be ignorant of my moral responsibility to be a good son by giving back to them. Check!

5. Giving up on complaining, stressing-out and anxiety. 2013 has been a stressful year. With the huge changes happening in my life lately, it has significantly increased my anxiety levels and affected my temperament. I became more hot-headed, illogical and worrisome, I have been thinking too much of the uncertain rather than getting into facts and trusting my instincts more. This year, I will be more wiser, I will use more of my wisdom and faith rather than hunches and fears. Will trust more of the Lord rather than my own understanding.

6. Giving up on quantity. I have been suffering from 'the more the merrier' syndrome. It has become a habit to hoard more rather than buy quality items that would last longer and eventually save me more money in the long run. I vow buy new set of clothes for this year, it would be less but it will be more durable and the quality will stand the test of time. Though it will be more expensive, I believe this would be more practical. This would also apply to foods that I will buy.

7. Giving up on too much talking. Contrary to the beliefs of many, I am not a shy-person. Once I get the hang of my environment I could be a loose cannon. I am noisy and boisterous. I love to talk and talk and talk and it makes me tired also. It consumes a huge amount of my energey and it turns me away from important matters to deal with first. It is a disease that I should control and harness and use it in a more relevant purpose. A little less conversation and more action please. Amen!

8. Giving up on being hasty and reckless. There is a pressing need to be more cautious and disciplinary. My weakness is to be more fast than accurate. The effect of this desire to be constantly ahead is affecting the quality of my work. I have been committing a lot of mistakes and tiny errors that later on become mess and chaos, some of it irreparable some of it are very difficult to patch. This year, I would endeavor to be more cautious on my steps and understand the value of proofreading and control.

9. Giving up on unhealthy lifestyle. I implore the guidance of the divine to help me withstand this difficult tribulation.

10. Giving up on mediocrity. I would no longer be a child this year but a responsible adult who has a full control of his life. I would be more practical and efficient, constantly striving for excellence, I will look forward to success rather than the mere completion of events.

2014, I won't ask you to be kind on me. Rather I would try my very best to be a good boy for you.

So help me God.