Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to motivate yourself to work after a long vacation

It has been the longest holiday so far. Your mind is still anchored on that sweet vacation, and you refuse to believe that is back to reality. No matter how workaholic you are, you still find time for a valuable break from a hectic routine, either for a week or several days. Admit it, you deserve it. If you continue to adhere or attach to your work 24/7 you’ll never succeed. We need a hiatus or hibernation for us to get another supply of energy and detoxify ourselves from the stress, pollution and negative energies.

But going to back to work after a long vacation is never really that easy. It takes an iron hand to drag you out of your bed in the morning of Monday. The longing for the next long weekend is so strong it will pervasively occupy your mind for the next two to three days. So here are the tips that I hope could help you motivate yourself to go back to work with a positive attitude.

1. If you have a webmail access to your office emails, try to check before you sleep. This can give you a feel of ‘get back to work’ mindset. This will make you aware of the pending works and necessary tasks needed to be done and to get yourself out of the vacation mode. This will also help you determine if there is an urgent thing to be done immediately when you return so that you won’t get surprised when you open your inbox the moment you arrived in the office.

2. Go shop for a new office stuff like a notebook, ball-pen, new organizer or office mug, or if you have a money to spend, buy a new gadget that can enhance your work, or a new office clothe/attire. Sometimes, new items can motivate us to go to work as we are eager to use it or start our day with a new stuff on our table.

3. No matter how tough it is, think about this – you need to work to survive. Find the inspiration again – are you working to save money for a new car or to pay for a rent? Are you working because you need to pay your debts or to help in your household expenses? Are you aiming for an extra income for you to spend in your next holiday vacation? Remember our mind is very powerful, it can make us think of lazy thoughts so the best way to counter this is find that goal or inspiration again.

4. Sleep. Listen to your iPod or read a book, this will make you feel relaxed and settled.

5. Organize yourself, fix your wardrobe, iron your clothes or fix your bags, try to rearrange your usual stuff order. You have to get yourself excited to work.

So there, the best thing you should do is to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Getting your mind out of the vacation mode but as soon as you feel the reality biting back at you, there is no way of turning back.

Happy easter!

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