Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love MOA, Mwah Mwah

I am such a loser. This is my third time to Mall of Asia to date. Kamusta naman kasi ang layo. Roaming around MOA is your legs and feets' worst nightmare. I went there wearing a loaf but ain't enough. The blisters! I must buy that Mocc Socks now.

Anyway, Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in the Philippines (because I am not sure if it is also the biggest in Asia), is on mall-wide sale, just like any other mall celebrating the 'end of season' sale. Every store is on sale, up 70% off. So, my colleague and I hurried and packed our things and went to MOA this afternoon.

First stop. TOPMAN.

Since yesterday, I've been salivating to the KEDS Sneakers, and since I cannot find that yet (because their office/sales unit is located somewhere in Makati), I resorted to buying the gray sneakers, almost identical to KEDS. Bought it the moment I saw it. Gray and gorgeous. Only Php 1400+

The black color is also a winner. This will go well for both shorts and skinny jeans. Perfect casual shoes and for a weekend summer stroll.

But Bench also has this kind of sneakers. You may want to preserve your shoes' beauty, so might as well buy more so your shoes wouldn't wear that fast. You can buy this almost identical sneakers at Bench at Php 799. Not bad?

Hope I could share with you the Zara shoes collection (which is by the way 'really cool'). I haven't seen such collection of lovely sneakers in Zara before. I am not quite sure if it is exclusive to MOA alone, but the lines were lovely. The stubborn clerk barred me from taking photos of the goods. I'm a blogger, a consumer, not a psycho trying to steal your designs and sell it to Topman. Bitch!

What else? Oh, I see this lovely cardigan in R.A.F. Not a typical place to find good finds ayt? Well, yes, I saw this on RAF, and this is the only good pieces I think I saw there. Costs around Php 1,750. I could have bought it, only that my office mates told me I have enough for the day. Suya :(

I think I saw something like this in Mental yesterday. I'll see if I can consider that in the meantime. I am desperately looking for a kick-ass layer.

Well, that's it for now. Will show you more of my random finds later...

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