Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shoes must go on... The Hunt for the elusive Vans shoes

The best stores could probably be in Greenbelt 5.

I went to Powerplant Mall in Rockwell this afternoon to witness another Muji store in Manila. This is probably the same size as in The Fort. Located just beside Fully Booked on the third-level of Powerplant, Muji's second flagship in Manila is definitely a crowd-getter.

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If you are an avid Muji fan, this photo is an absolute eye-candy. I can't help but lay my hands on every item and savor the beauty of simplicity on each item.

Muji has a wide-array of products - name it, slippers, clothes, notebooks, towels, pillows, organizers. Muji is definitely an O-C (Organized Citizen) mecca.

After a long stroll in the mall, I finally resorted in the idea of going to Greenbelt 5. I have no other itinerary this afternoon so I decided to go this place.

I was greeted by Iza Calzado, Rey Langit, Rowell Santiago and Matteo Guidicelli (I don't know how to spell his name correctly).

Almost every store has this cool way of responding to their customers. I so love their hospitality. It is a courtesy I have never seen in most of the malls/stores here in the Philippines.

I came across this cool store - Greyone Social who might be a bit aloof on the storefront but  has a warm hospitality inside. Unfortunately, I didn't bring along my cam, I wasn't able to catch a few shots of this store, but I can say that Greyone Social has some of the best Vans shoes on its arsenal.

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This is what I'm talking about. I love wearing shorts. Since I live in a tropical country, I am much more into comfortable style of clothing and wearing shorts is just a perfect style for me. This can be a great addition to my Vans obsession.

Ever since I saw Vans' Zapato Del Barco line, I can't help but look for the best one in the series.

You will be greeted by the awesome hosts of Greyone. Thanks for complimenting my shirt by the way. I may not be able to buy stuff from you guys but you definitely did a lasting impression that will make me come back anytime.

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  1. i have some vans shoes here...
    you must see i think someone will be best for you.
    i have a multicolor vans shoes in blue,black and white color.