Sunday, July 25, 2010

Samsung Unveils Galaxy, hits on iPhone weakness

What a bold move by Samsung to take advantage of iPhone 4's latest antenna blunder and market/position their newest Android phone towards the Apple's frustrated users. The big question is will they succeed?

Well, the battle for Smartphone dominance is still wide open. The Android phone is getting more rave reviews lately and Blackberry OS is keeping up with the pace of the smartphone direction. Surprisingly, Symbian is still the most popular smartphone OS according to a Gigaom/Gartner survey (March 2010).

Samsung Galaxy S is determined to get a share of the iPhone market, from Samsung official:
“Recently there has been a real increase in online activity from consumers dissatisfied with some of our competitors’ products. We decided to contact a cross section of individuals to offer them a free Samsung Galaxy S as a replacement, as we’re confident that once people have the phone in their hands, they’ll see how impressive it is for themselves.” 
What's new with Samsung Galaxy S? Well, the AMOLED. We all know that Samsung's phone display is not the market leader and the touch-screen intuitiveness and sensitivity can be a headache for some users. By the way, don't be confused with Galaxy Spica, it's a different one.

But the Galaxy S boasts itself with a powerful 1Ghz processor and a HD video recording capability.

Hey, it looks like an iPhone!

Looking forward to a wider range of wireless connectivity and the HD video capability, but sadly, galaxy does not comes with a flash. The Amoled display is indeed a great upgrade to Samsung's currently weak display and touchscreen technical design.

Swipe Technology (the ability to slide your fingers to the keypad that is supposed to make typing easier and faster) is also an interesting key feature and this could be something curious users would first look into.

Layar browser is a hot, hot feature i would love to see on this one
As for the rest of the hardware, keeping the whole thing moving is Samsung’s own 1GHz Hummingbird processor, paired with 8GB (or 16GB, depending on version) of internal storage. In our 8GB review unit that’s partitioned into approximately 2GB for apps and 6GB for media; there’s also a microSD slot (for up to 32GB cards). Connectivity includes triband 900/1900/2100 HSDPA/HSUPA along with WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 and a microUSB 2.0 port; there’s also GPS, an accelerometer, digital compass, and both proximity and light sensors. Like the iPhone 4, the Galaxy S has two cameras: one, a 5-megapixel autofocus unit on the back, and a VGA-quality front facing camera for video calls. No flash – LED or otherwise – however, though you can record 720p HD video at 30fps.
Samsung has something of a reputation for decent cellphone cameras, and the Galaxy S generally doesn’t disappoint. At 5-megapixels with autofocus, the only thing missing from the spec sheet is a flash of some sort. What you do get are various photography modes, including blink, face and smile detection, panorama and high-speed shooting, together with a decent amount of control over manual settings. There are also multiple effects, such as vintage and cartoon, and a high-visibility mode which boosts the UI so that it’s easier to see while outdoors. The end result are bright, clear and well balanced shots, with decent colors and – as long as you don’t use the digital zoom – little noise or pixellation. Without a flash you’re obviously limited in your low-light use, with focus being a particular trouble, though we might argue that LED flash units are generally underwhelming anyway. There are samples in the gallery below, unedited aside from being resized by 50-percent. 
For me, being a Samsung user, Galaxy S must answer Samsung's touch screen hurdle and sensitivity. This feature is sorely lacking in their latest full touch-screen line and I am looking forward to this new offering from Samsung.

Hot Item: Panasonix Lumix LX5 is here

They say Lumix is getting the attention of DSLR users.

And Panasonic? Yes, Panasonic, this is not from the two titans - Canon and Nikon. This compact, almost DSLR-grade quality producing camera is a keeper.

I have no qualms or reviews about Lumix, but this one is getting some serious attention lately. So, are you willing to trade your entry-level SLR cam for this new toy?

Care to see the specs. Visit the Official Panasonic LX5 Tech Specs


10.1 megapixel Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera 

The 24mm of wide angle offers extraordinarily large viewing space and now the optical zoom is extended to 3.8x (90mm) making the LX5 even more versatile. The highly acclaimed 10.1-megapixel CCD in the LX3 has been redesigned to achieve the expansion of dynamic range by increasing the sensitivity and the saturation. The Venus Engine FHD is also redesigned for advanced signal processing in both photo and movie recording. The high sensitivity made possible by the new sensor and the superior signal processing by the new imaging engine especially elevates the picture quality in low light situations. For the movie recording, the Panasonic Lumix LX5 is newly compatible with long time high quality HD movie recording in AVCHD Lite in addition to the conventional motion JPEG format. A host of creative options including Creative Movie mode, My Color mode and Film mode are available for more extended expression not only in photography but also in videography. The external design is also improved to pursue high operability - the thickened grip for easier hold, the newly incorporated turn-and-push jog dial achieves various selection and setting more quickly. The hot shoe allows attachment of advanced accessories such as optional Live View Finder which helps shooting under strong daylight with high visibility. The 1:1 square format setting is added in the aspect ratio option which can be selected with the switch at the side of the lens barrel. 

First Impressions
by (Review)

While it’s hard to argue that the Panasonic LX5 doesn’t have everything you could ask for in a high-end compact camera, it does rather feel that you’re kept at arms length from it. It’s an obvious machine to use for point and press activity and there’s certainly enough automatic options to keep your shots properly exposed but, at the same time, there didn’t seem a lot to enjoy about it for DLSR or higher knowledge users looking for a kick around camera to keep on them at all times. Most of the manual fun was just too far from your fingertips to make that possible.
All the same, we certainly wouldn’t say that this isn’t a good machine. It works well. It takes great pictures, but somehow it just isn’t a whole lot of fun. People choosing it as a step up aren’t going to learn a lot from it and enthusiasts might rather play with something else. If you want a top notch point and press though, this might be what you’re after. 

By the looks of it, this one is a major eye candy. Lumix's strength can be derived from it's sheer compactness and awesome capabilities. Gadgets are getting smaller nowadays, and the smaller with greater features wins the battle of DSLR supremacy.

It's not gonna be the end of Canon and Nikon rivalry by the way. It will take a long time before Lumix can finally break the stereotype, but this one is definitely a threat. Lumix can be a viable and attractive for amateur and aspiring photographers as well as hobbyists. Besides, many still consider Lumix within the range of point-and-shoot category.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nuffnang and HEAVEN Ice Cream invite you to a special screening of ‘SALT’

Divine ice cream pleasure is HEAVEN Ice Cream.

Give in to the richest, smoothest, and creamiest by NESTLÉ Ice Cream. Revel in the exquisite goodness of its four sophisticated flavors---Belgian Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry Dream, Vanilla Almond Secret and Butter Pecan Obsession. HEAVEN Ice Cream is made with only the finest ingredients and contains no artificial food colors. Available in 800mL(Php 175) & 450mL(Php 115) tubs across supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

101 New York on Sale till August

One of my favorite store in town declared Sale. 101 New York is in red tag!

‎101 New York End Of Season Sale Starts today until Aug. 31, 2010!

Participating 101 New York Stores: Megamall, Sta. Mesa, Trinoma, Fairview, N.Edsa-Annex, Robinsons Ermita & Marquee Mall.

Feature: Vans Shoes

Been to Eastwood lately, happened to drop by Shoe Salon and came across Vans collection.

Vans shoes are a bit heavy. Their sole is a bit thick but they can complement your height.

You may want to check out their Zapato Del Barco collection. I forgot the price, but I was caught by it's Sebago looking style and perfect for a walk.

Remember always wear a mocc socks to prevent the shoe from smelling like a feet. You don't want your boat shoes, loaf or slip-ons to stink right?

Vans Zapato Del Barco-Shoe in Navy/White

But for further boat shoes cravingsBut you can never go wrong with a Sebago. This one is awesome.

  • Handsewn Blucher Moccasin Construction
  • Unlined, Full Grain, Nubuck or Waxy Pull-Up Leather Uppers
  • Functional Rawhide Laces
  • Leather Socklining
  • Littleway Stitched Sebago® Docksides® Boat Sole with Slip Resistant, Non-Marking Solid Rubber

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

have you seen Rogue

Blown away by this great cover of Rogue featuring Divine Lee. Clap Clap Clap!


Geesh, what a week. Spent more than enough. Last stop is Ortigas this afternoon, and before the dawn breaks, off to Shangri-La Mall muna before going home.

First stop Zara. No finds. Second Stop. Crossings. Remember the Sale????

Ended up buying two from Dean & Trent.

The black V-Neck shirt on the background is 20 % off. It's a 3/4 actually.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

HTC, RIM and Nokia Challenge Apple’s Antenna Claims

HTC, RIM and Nokia Challenge Apple’s Antenna Claims

iPhone Antenna Dilemma Fix? Case or just get a good grip?

"Phones are not perfect" says Steve Jobs. Apple recently came under fire because of the antenna/reception problems experienced by the recent buyers of the ultra-hyped iPhone 4.

It's like an oil spill. Steve Jobs must be very angry with the consumer reports telling that the latest iPhone has a 'death grip'. Apple's answer - refund or free cases.
Though the iPhone 4 set record sales for Apple with more than 3 million units already sold, it was saddled with reception problem soon after its launch. Users complained loss of signal strength when the device is held in the left hand or the hand covers the seam separating the gadget’s two perimeter radio antennas. Apple in its response said the reception problem is due to a mistake in the formula calculating how much bar of signal strength to display. 

But, soon after the Consumer Reports said it would not recommend iPhone 4 to potential customers, Apple held the press conference to resolve the problem. However, Jobs sounded critical of the media coverage given to the iPhone’s antenna issues and said other smartphones too have reception problem. [ ]
Watch this video demonstrating the antenna problem.

I haven't laid my hands on an iPhone 4 yet, but seriously, who would grip an iPhone4 like that? But anyway, Apple must do something about this. They created a great marketing tool to sell millions of this. This could hurt them in a very long run since competition is getting more intense nowadays.

If you can't get a grip. Take a Blackberry or an Android for a walk :)

And the list of Sale goes on...

Just we recently we featured Dean & Trent. Come to the nearest Crossings now!

Powerbooks on Sale

Alright, we all know it's the mid-year sale. Every store is getting ready for their new collection. It's the last hurrah for the unsold items.

For the bookworm:

Powerbooks is on sale.


Load up on your favorite reads, the Powerbooks Powersale '10 is on this July!

Yes, it's back and better than ever! Powerbooks is setting up its highly anticipated annual big book blowout for avid Filipino readers. The Powerbooks Powersale is on again and customers are getting a month-long opportunity to purchase the books they have been longing to read for decidedly less the price and more the value.

Gear up for this exciting event and visit the nearest Powerbooks branch from July 15 to August 15, 2010 to enjoy a major markdown on selected books for up to 80% off! All books included in the sale will be easily identifiable through color-coded discount stickers; with legend posters placed in-store detailing the discount scheme.

Feed your mind and revel in the exhilarating and imaginative world of literature.

Head to Powerbooks now for the Powersale this July.


1. Selected books will be included in the sale. Discounts will be as follows: 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, 50%, and 80%. Discounts not applicable to "X," "XP," markdown, bargain items and magazines.

2. Discounts can be identified by the customers through a color coding scheme except for the following:
a. Titles that have no sticker will have no discount.
b. Titles that have a "This copy only" sticker that indicates the discounted price of 80% off.

3. A sticker will be placed near the price tag of the book, identifying the discount.

4. Legend poster will be placed in the store so that customers will be aware of the discount scheme.
- No sticker - no discount
- Yellow Sticker - 5% off
- Violet Sticker - 10% off
- Blue Sticker - 20% off
- Green Sticker - 50% off
- Red Sticker - 70% off
- This copy only - price indicated (80% off)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feature: 101 New York |

Oh lovely. The scorching summer heat is gone. These past few days, the gloomy skies are telling us that the La Nina is impending. The rainy season is officially open.

Now, get rid of your summer shorts and shoes. Let go of your flip-flops and turn your closet upside down. Get those cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, blazers, jackets and coats and put your best rain-proof shoes on!

So here I am once again, exploring the web with the most relevant and cool style items for these rainy months.

You may want to wear a Cardigan instead of the thick, collared rain-proof jackets that will make you hyperventilate sometimes. Remember, no matter how cold the rain can bring to us, we are still on a tropical country once we step out of an air-conditioned room.

A cardigan is made of wool or cotton, a type of sweater but relatively lighter. This could be machine or hand-knitted. If you prefer just a simple layer and not to warm you, a cardigan would be a great choice. You can't really find a cardigan everywhere, it is usually common for the ladies' line.

This black cardigan from Topman is perfect.

Or you may want to go to 101 New York store to find the best shirt, cardigan or jackets. I shopped here last year (around the same month July-August and bought) and bought two piece of hoodies. Will show the pics later.

101 New York is definitely not part of your shopping store list, but I must admit, this store can be very tempting. 101 NY is very black and whitey (their hues are more of gray, black and white shades) which is an absolute eye candy for me. For me this triumvirate of colors are the best palette for your closet.

Summer colors are over, and I have a personal bias for this hues (black and white) during this gloomy, dark weathers. There is a certain mood in this gloomy weather that makes me want to wear white or black.

Their pieces are very current, complex or modern but not too avant garde. They have a lot of good pieces. Make sure to fit each one of them as you need to feel whether you are comfortable wearing it.

This one is my favorite

And so is this one. I <3 this....

Be a Fan and See their latest collection here

Remember, you need not to go to Zara to buy clothes. There are plenty of underrated stores out there that you can choose from. And by the way, Zara is still on sale, FYI.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feature: New Store in Town | Bratpack Eastwood

I was about to accompany my friend to Missy last Friday and we came across this new store in Eastwood. You will never really find this one easily as it as it is located on the far side of the Eastwood Citywalk. Honestly, the only way I found it is because I needed to withdraw from an ATM and the store is located exactly right in front of it.

Anyway, it is a new BP store in town. Not really spacious but the store is organized very well. I immediately looked for the DSLR bag. I found one, costs around 1300Php but very slim.

(Photos courtesy of bratpack facebook official site)

I hope I could go back there as soon as I can. I wanna take another glimpse of the blue slippers I saw there. Too bad, there was no size 8 or 9. I guess it was a bestseller.

Take a look at this shelf. This is random finds nirvana. The vibrant colors are just inviting and makes you want to lay your hands to all the pieces. If you happened to be here, take a close look at the wristwatch they are selling (pardon, I forgot the name). Basta, it's a big, pastel-color wristwatch. At the bottom part of the shelf you will see the cool blue slipper I was talking about.

Hopefully, I will be back there again this weekend. For all your Eastpak, Jansport and Sanuk cravings, you can find it here in Bratpack. Too bad I missed the sale recently.

Oh don't forget to browse their hats collection :)

Like them on Facebook as well. Add them on Twitter. Or visit their official site.

Changing Corporate and Feature: Dean & Trent

The entire sales team of my company received a memo. The memo is about dress code. Oh no!

I knew it. The new management is about to take this seriously. The new OIC wants to create of culture of formality. Our current styles are laid-back. We can wear jeans and tees and rubber shoes (considering that our team is corporate business group) and we are free to stylize ourselves.

Now we are back to preppy. Time to unleash the long sleeves and neckties. Goodbye to folded sleeves and the skinny jeans. I will be embracing the new rules for now. I hope this will not gonna last forever.

Meanwhile, this is a random find. I saw this on Dean & Trent, but this was circa 2009 so I guess this line is no longer available. But this reminds me of last year's obsession with plaid shirts.

I came across Dean & Trent store in Crossings Trinoma lately and I gotta say, there were items that makes me really buy it instantly. The collection is a bit unorganized (maybe perhaps the salesladies at the store are not paying attention to their customers), but nevertheless I consider this store as one of my favorites. It's very young, simple and current. The materials are not heavy and the styles are very easy to match. The price is also reasonable.

I asked the saleslady where I can find the Hampton Shorts (that was featured on Rogue Magazine) but they were like, 'ano daw?' So I guess I need to go somewhere else.

You can learn more about Dean & Trent here.

You can see their latest collection here. One of my favorite is this.

Will go one of their stores again and see if we can pick-up something.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love MOA, Mwah Mwah

I am such a loser. This is my third time to Mall of Asia to date. Kamusta naman kasi ang layo. Roaming around MOA is your legs and feets' worst nightmare. I went there wearing a loaf but ain't enough. The blisters! I must buy that Mocc Socks now.

Anyway, Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in the Philippines (because I am not sure if it is also the biggest in Asia), is on mall-wide sale, just like any other mall celebrating the 'end of season' sale. Every store is on sale, up 70% off. So, my colleague and I hurried and packed our things and went to MOA this afternoon.

First stop. TOPMAN.

Since yesterday, I've been salivating to the KEDS Sneakers, and since I cannot find that yet (because their office/sales unit is located somewhere in Makati), I resorted to buying the gray sneakers, almost identical to KEDS. Bought it the moment I saw it. Gray and gorgeous. Only Php 1400+

The black color is also a winner. This will go well for both shorts and skinny jeans. Perfect casual shoes and for a weekend summer stroll.

But Bench also has this kind of sneakers. You may want to preserve your shoes' beauty, so might as well buy more so your shoes wouldn't wear that fast. You can buy this almost identical sneakers at Bench at Php 799. Not bad?

Hope I could share with you the Zara shoes collection (which is by the way 'really cool'). I haven't seen such collection of lovely sneakers in Zara before. I am not quite sure if it is exclusive to MOA alone, but the lines were lovely. The stubborn clerk barred me from taking photos of the goods. I'm a blogger, a consumer, not a psycho trying to steal your designs and sell it to Topman. Bitch!

What else? Oh, I see this lovely cardigan in R.A.F. Not a typical place to find good finds ayt? Well, yes, I saw this on RAF, and this is the only good pieces I think I saw there. Costs around Php 1,750. I could have bought it, only that my office mates told me I have enough for the day. Suya :(

I think I saw something like this in Mental yesterday. I'll see if I can consider that in the meantime. I am desperately looking for a kick-ass layer.

Well, that's it for now. Will show you more of my random finds later...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Best Foot Forward

I just love, love, love this sneaker. You can see this on Zara and Topman. But take a look at this. Keds Champion Sneaker series. The 'jersey' one is lovely. These are low-cut which can goes well without socks, with a hampton shorts or a skinny jeans - perfection.

You may find Keds here in the Philippines (see store below). I'm gonna put this on my Makati itinerary next week. I'll see if I can take some photos, I'll keep you posted...

PSI Distribution
6th Floor, Phinma Plaza
Rockwell Centre
Makati City Manila Philippines
Phone: 628151820559

Enjoy Philippines Exclusive

Take your lifestyle to the next level.

I came across this website lately. Enjoy Philippines is on it's second edition and I am loving it. For only Php 1,995, you get to enjoy the most exclusive privileges to major merchants all around the metro.

As they say, it's bigger, better and Bolder.
The new Enjoy Philippines 2nd edition comes loaded with 20% more merchant offers; up to 15 months of membership; and a suite of apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson handsets.

Discover why over 43,000 members have chosen Enjoy Philippines making it the country's premiere lifestyle privilege program.

Special Offer to Registered Members: From now until June 30, 2010, registered members who order online receive an special renewal rate by clicking the link below.

Hurry! I'm gonna join the club. Click here to Order New Membership and enjoy the perks! Be a fan of them in Facebook

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