Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maria Aragon talks to Lady Gaga

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Pasinaya Experience

Sleek in the City and I went to the 'PASINAYA' last February 6. The Cultural Center of the Philippines suddenly became a mad house, anytime a stampede could happen and the revered art institution can become an infamous headline. There were students everywhere, and I told Mark that this is not supposed to be a popular event, as the students are probably forced to attend this majestic event so that they can get a passing mark on their arts class (but of course I may be wrong).

But sarcasm aside, I thought the Pasinaya 2011 was a success. This was my first time to attend this and I have a handful of comments.
The event was carefully organized. I am pertaining to the structure of the performances, the timing, location, as well as the construction/compression of more than a hundred multi-arts performances in just one day.

The bad thing, there was an oversight on the influx of the audience. The event suddenly become a mad place. There were trashes everywhere, students are roaming and taking pictures as if it was a usual excursion.
They were noisy and didn't care about who's on stage as long as they are in the company of their friends and they can talk and laugh whenever, wherever they want.

Unfortunately, I have to listen to the amazing Philippine Madrigal Singers with a lot of unnecessary scathing and noises in the background. I was fuming in anger because their performances are so breathtaking, mad students are clapping the entire show.

Hopefully, next year would be a better event by organizing the audience first.