Friday, January 7, 2011

Starbucks New Look: What do you think?

By the way I got my Starbucks Planner last Wednesday. There's a story behind it, but everything is well now. I didn't plan of completing the stickers actually, I just realized that I could do it this year for the sake of completing it (if you know what I mean). I have to find a study analyzing why Filipinos are going frenzy over this overrated planner.

Trivia First:

The first-ever Philippine Starbucks House is in Ayala. December 4, 1997, the Philippines had its first taste of the Starbucks Experience with its very first branch at the 6750 Ayala Building in Makati City. Starbucks has since won the hearts of the Filipinos.

And Seattle's Best is owned by Starbucks too. So, don't mind bringing your Starbucks in SB.

The Face-lift

Starbucks logo change will aid company's expansion in Asia

Have you seen the new Starbucks Logo? The largest coffee house in the world and it's infamous worldwide symbol - the green mermaid/siren is having a makeover.

It's the fourth change since it's creation forty years ago. The face-lift coincides with the company's celebration of their 40th-year anniversary. Wordless and minimalist, the typography is omitted and left the tiara-wearing mermaid on its logo. The new logo is supposed to save space and ink in the production of their paper cups :)

I actually liked it. I always want change and Starbucks have a huge confidence that the image itself will carry the brand for more years to come and that is important. Let's see if this revolution will hurt the coffeehouse in the next succeeding months.

Interesting note from The Vancouver Sun 

"Research in aesthetics shows that interdependent cultures prefer rounded shapes as they represent harmony, which is consistent with an interdependent view of the world," Mittal said in a news release. "Those countries tend to have a higher percentage of rounded logos compared with individualistic countries, and logos and product shapes that are rounded are more acceptable and embraced in those cultures." (Read more here)

Well, this could play a part. I didn't realize that a logo shape could have a significant cultural impact.

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