Saturday, July 14, 2012

Marry the Night

Let me share you something that is very personal. Or perhaps let's start with what's going to happen to me in the next few months. I cancelled my Bangkok flight because there is no point of going there anymore and my Shanghai flight is going to be cancelled it seems. So, the moment I saw a sale in Cebu Pacific, I hurriedly booked a flight to Malaysia on September. I have never been there, but it looks like I'm going to travel alone, but I would be fine. I cringe at the idea that I would be landing in a foreign land by myself for the very first time, but the fact is I'm excited and I couldn't wait for September to come.


I have been very contemplative recently. I felt that I have been thinking a lot about the past and future quite recently. It's not mind-boggling or depressing, I guess these are the days that you feel like there is something that needs to fixed. But there is really no problem, so I guess that phrase is irrelevant, I guess the more appropriate term is that there's something probably missing :)

And what's up with the kids nowadays? Recently I had chance encounters with some kid and I was so surprise by how they behave today. Not that I am trying to alienate myself, for one, I am just 26 and I still belong to the young-generation bracket, but children born in the late 90s have a lifestyle so set apart from ours.

I was born in the late 80s. Never saw the martial law days, but that doesn't mean that my childhood was a walk in the park. We were the children of street games. I wonder what happened to "ten-twenty" and "piko", man, I love those games. Today, it's all about virtual insanity. Video games, iPad, Macbook Pro, iPhone....

I was telling my friends while on the way to Eastwood, that the kids today are extremely lucky. Everything is at their disposal. The access to information is so fast I can't accept the fact that they would still get low grades at the end of the semester. When I was in college, I scour the entire library to find an excerpt of Kant's philosophical discourse and other dialogues in communication theories, but right now, everything is in Wikipedia.

I wish they would experience the amazing feeling of borrowing books, taking it home, reading it laboriously and getting that awesome experience of  digesting the knowledge from the ultimate source - books.

I am also guilty with this, now, there are hundreds of channels to vent out their pubertal frustrations or even academic struggles. They have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger to tell the world how miserable there lives are. When we don't like food, we don't complain to the chef, we let everybody know by posting it in Twitter and Facebook. When we like something, we don't appreciate it, we take pictures of it and put in Instagram. Somehow we have lost that moment of taking a minute to appreciate things, to breathe and accept defeat and mistakes, realize that nothing is perfect and complaining about it s not worth it.

We are witnessing another dawn of humanity wherein we are living not to the fullest but because we are in a hurry and we always feel that old age will creep up ahead of us. Technology can be both evil and angel at the same time. Let us use it wisely.

May the young kids of today stay humble, realize that what they have accomplished so far is not at par to our previous standards. They are living in a tolerant world. We have witnessed cruelty and hardship during the days when it was so hard to live, breathe, and express yourself. Everything can be handed to them now in a silver platter. We were able to graduate with no internet but with books. We were able to live in 56Kbps while you are happily enjoying the breeze of a broadband. You are living the life we were once dreaming of. Use it wisely.

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