Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beat the Heat This Summer: Tour Suggestions

And the summer days begin. As the sun turns up the heat to a scorching 38 degrees, we mortals must start finding ways on how to keep our body hydrated and well-ventilated. Because we don't care if the heat is going to kill us, we will do everything just to make our summer better than the last one.

First up is some holiday tour suggestions that you may want to consider. Yes, Boracay is indeed the first choice but please do remember that we have more than 7,000 islands to choose from and there are a lot more options out there.

1. When you consider going to Palawan, you may want to deviate from the usual El Nido itinerary and the Underground River this time and devote loads of your spare time in spending long hours in appreciating the splendour of the beautiful Kayangan Lake. Found on Palawan's second best island, Coron, Kayangan Lake is touted to be one of the cleanest lake in Asia and its majestic view is a sight to behold.

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2. There are other beaches aside from the overrated Laiya in Batangas area. There's Lian Batangas, Home of Matabungkay, whose sands are fine (though not as fine as Laiya) but at least the shores are clean, free from dirt and the marine ecosystem is still untapped. You can get starfishes and even play with little jellyfishes with it's crystal clear waters. Personal Suggestion: Matabungkay is already more popular to tourist, try the nearby Matuod.

3. Stay away from the usual saltwater choices and instead, go to a Bali-inspired relaxation nirvana also in the territory of Batangas. Get yourself pampered and immersed yourself to the peaceful and tranquil paradise of The Farm at San Benito Batangas. As you visit their website, you wouldn't want to ignore their value statement that promises healing and supreme relaxation.

The Farm is a centre for holistic healing and wellness where people balance their mind, body and spirit with nourishing live foods in an eco- friendly place.The Farm is a healing journey, a “must have” in every individual’s life at least once a year. This personal journey is needed for recharging one’s mental, physical, and spiritual state. It is the sole sanctuary of its kind in the Philippines and one of the best in the world.The Farm is a life-changing retreat that enables its guests to cope with the ever-increasing stress-filled challenges of everyday life through a well-managed and tailored wellness programs for restoration of balance and harmony by encouraging a commitment to a proactive healthy lifestyle.
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4. It came to a point that Anawangin was like a secret place. People Googled it as though it was a place hidden in the beautiful area of Zambales. It was a perfect getaway as it was just three-hours away from the convoluted Manila. There is no commercial space for rent but rather an open area where you can set-up your own tent. It was the perfect adventurer's haven. But now, Zambales has another place to offer as the once secluded paradise is now a tourist attraction - Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. And guess what, you still need those camping tents around.

5. Calaguas is located on the pristine island of Camarines Norte. Camarines is indeed one of the most beautiful gems of Philippine tourism. Just like Anawangin and Nagsasa, Calaguas has no available commercial spaces for rent, so bringing your own camping gears and utensils is a must.

Runner-ups: Loboc River Cruise in Bohol, Calatagan Batangas, Lake Sebu and Aqua Verde Laiya.

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