Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Evolution of Charice And Why Social Media Can Be Very Hurtful

Social Media can be very harsh and it is not for the faintest of heart. But it is also not for the bullies and narrow-minded.

Charice underwent series of style changes and her fans were split on their acceptance. Her hardcore fans loved her new look and defended her from all the bashers and the barrage of hate tweets she gets online. While some of her fans showed dismay over her new look. She started to drew flak when she sported a blonde hair on her stint as a judge in the Philippine franchise of X-Factor. Some even funnily compared her curled blonde hair to the infamous 'Lucky Me' Pancit Canton.

How sad it is to see how some of us can be very judgmental to others. I have nothing to say negative about her. If she likes to look androgynous and wants to be edgy, so be it! Let her be. She is a talented lady and we have seen her inspired us years ago when she performed alongside Celine Dion, Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres, a peat not anyone could achieve no matter how beautiful they are.

Charice is entering a phase where she wanted to experiment, she wants to try new things. Just like any other typical young adult who would like to identify him/herself to someone he/she looks up to. Chopping her hair wouldn't make her less talented.

I laud Charice for her demeanour to brush these issues off instead of fighting fire with fire. I believe she could withstand this and I do hope she would get the best advice from the right people. She is young and talented and she deserves more than this kind of treatment.

Social Media can be very harsh and it has catapulted a lot of people to fame and it has also elevated a lot of people to the hall of shame. Think before we click. Access to internet doesn't give us a free pass to ruin the life of other people. Whatever happened to respect and compassion to other people, I really didn't know. There is so much hatred in this world right now. Why not try love at least for a test drive?

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