Monday, December 6, 2010

Conquering McKinley

As if a mountain to hurdle, Martin and I went to a spree last weekend to get a dose of 'The Fort' life. For many years, we have been staying in Eastwood in all our gimmicks and we haven't got the chance to go to farther places. Now it's the time as we are spontaneous and we are eager to see some fun.

First stop, Muji. I first heard about it in Chuvaness blog and the name of the store already sounded interesting. Perhaps, the single-most word to define what Muji is all about is 'minimalism'. A famed brand/store in Japan, Muji is located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City just right above the GAP store in High Street. Muji is known for their no-brand trademarks with product that ranges from furnitures, kitchen utensils, school supplies and many more.

The reason why I went here is because I am so eager to buy their signature planner, but unfortunately it was out of stock. Instead, I humbled myself and bought this fantastic wood inspired notebook for just Php165. Coolness. You have to feel the texture of the paper. It's divine.

Yes, some may see Muji fans as tacky and lacks sense of style, but followers of this brand are very much attuned to the simplistic and minimalist style.

This store is also for O-C people ^_^ Organized citizen will consider Muji as a mecca.

Muji has a lot of trays, dividers, organizers, bins and even blankets, pillows and towels.

Look how orderly the fold of the towels could be.

Martin flipping the notebooks

And me stepping on the wood tiles that I desperately wants to put in my room. 

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