Monday, December 20, 2010

Elements of a Good Skin

Perhaps maybe it is the common stigma that prevails in our society that prevents guys to take care of their skin. For centuries, it has been a mis-belief among us that vanity is only reserved for girls. But in reality, guys do want to have a perfect, flawless skin. They are just too damn, shy to admit it.

I have a very, bad oily skin. My face has always been shiny and prone to acne ever since. One of the things that makes me uncomfortable is that gargantuan zit that is located in my face. Break-outs, blackheads and acne are guys and girls are a major source of insecurity.

Maybe it runs in the family. My elder brothers share the same dilemma until now. My elder brother used to buy almost everything in the skin care products shelf in the supermarket. Even the expensive solutions that are sold on TV. Unfortunately, my brother didn't get what he wanted.

It's all a matter of trying what is best for your skin. In my case, I tried organic products and skin care that have salicylic acid that fights pimples.

I am using St. Ives Blackhead and Blemish Control right now and it is right on the money. It has these microbeads that gently expoliate your skin. But don't get carried away by trying to rub your skin too hard. It may not be the best way to get rid of those deeply-rooted bacterias.

Also, if you are particular about the amount of oil that is produced by your skin, you may want to try CETAPHIL specifically for Oily Skin.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, For all skin types, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)

I advise not to buy large content bottle first. It's a sad fact that you can't test the items first to determine the products compatibility to your skin first. It may be a trial and error, but it's definitely worth the try.

Some people do recommend toners and moisturizer but it's not always the case. Some are not responding very well to those after-wash products.

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Are you worried about that dark, puffy eye bags. Oh, I have been looking for that product that will get rid of those annoying black circles.

I use Garnier eye roll-on but I want to try ANTHONY LOGISTICS this time. I happened to come across this line of products for men in The Beauty Bar last week. I tried this and it is actually good. Come to the nearest beauty bar and get one for yourself. It may be too expensive for you but it can be the answer to your eye bag problems.

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