Sunday, June 24, 2012

Delayed Post: Colors of India

I should have made this post a couple of months of ago, I thought I have already documented this trip last month but surprisingly not.

It was my first out of the country trip of the year and it was long overdue. At first, it was just a rumor, then come last week of March we were informed that we have to take care of our visa to India. Confirmed!

I don't have any expectation of India. I have never been there, and I have only few images in my mind about this country. All I know about India is its spicy food and busy streets as it was never very alien to me as two of my colleagues at work are Indians, and we are operating under our parent company from India.

Come with me...


It was my first stop-over in Malaysia, and I'm looking forward to come here anytime soon. Now on the airport, I have to say that they own this category. Better than Suvarnabhumi, but then again, Bangkok's flagship airport is also so  beautiful.

Now off to India.


My company for the entire 6-8 Hour flight.

Welcome by our hotel driver. They are giggling while looking at us, bewildered and excited to see much of Hyderabad in a while. But sadly we arrived at night and there's no way we can sneak out first before we head to the hotel.

My first serving of India food. Welcome to the nation of curry and biryani. There's a papad over there on the top. The corn and the mixed veggies are spicy by the way. It was day full of naan bread as well.

Newspaper full of Bollywood movie ads. They have full support of their own craft. I would love to see the same support here in the Philippines.

This is my first impression of Hyderabad. City of dancing people. In case you didn't know, Indians know how to party hard. Their dances are rhythmical and mad :)

Not the best papad, the best one is actually in the Philippines :)

Spicy veggie. If you are a fan of veggies, you may want to consider the inherent spiciness of this one.


They have the best biryani as well. Well, not the best, because later I'll show you the best biryani in town.

Now some tour of the city. See the yellow tricycle down there?

Spotted some few good architectures out there.

just like what my boss told me, India has few skyscrapers.

I was almost castigated for taking this shot. McDonald's won't allow me to take any pictures, but the sneaky me went on. No sweet style spaghetti or quarter pounder.

They call this rickshaw. In Manila, we call this tricyle.

Now let's see some Indian crafts.

Let's have some street food.

If there is one thing I enjoyed in Hyderabad. It was eating, everyday was a feast, and getting used to spicy flavors wasn't that difficult for me anymore.

Now this is the real beef kebab.

I took a lousy shot of the biryani, which was the finale of the last night in Hyderabad, we were so excited to devour the biryani, we forgot to take pictures of the untouched plate.

The place by the way is Paradise Biryani.

That's it. We didn't have much time to tour the entire city but it was a splendid trip. It was a beautiful country and three days is not enough to cover the entire itinerary.

The Hyderabad airport is also sleek and spacious.

Now back to Manila, and still curry on the plane

And bought myself a souvenir

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