Friday, June 22, 2012

Going back to (Little) Tokyo

I went to Japan when I was twelve, so I only have few snippets of memory from the land of the rising sun, save for some embarrassing  moment in the public bath, snow gliding in the mountains, the cold strolls at the temples of Buddha and the magnificent train systems.

I do remember the moment when the door of the Narita airport opened as we exited the lobby and the notorious cold winter wind that swooped right in front of us, sending a strong signal of an impending battle against extreme cold weather condition. It was an unexpected welcome, thank you for not letting us know that the weather was beyond our physical capacity.

Japan is such a beautiful country. We only have a quick glimpse of Tokyo as we went to Nagano City, it was far away from the capital city. But Nagano was so lovely, this was the time of Winter Olympics, circa 1998, and there is so much happening in the city. It was the first time I saw a long avenue clad with apple trees.

The people were so great and hospitable. I remember my foster family, I forgot their names :( but they were so simple yet they were so kind and lavish to visitors. Their house is not so big, it was a two-storey house, it was not spacious but it was generally clean and organized. Everything was well kept and it looks like each item was just bought recently. There were no chairs, we ate in a very low table and we have to eat while sitting like an Indian. It was also the first time that I was able to lay my hands on a Playstation.


Last Wednesday we got a chance to go back to Japan, but not the real Japan. My colleague told me there's a Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo wherein it houses several authentic Japanese restaurants. And so we went.

It was so nostalgic. I love Japan. It was my first trip out of the country and I was so nervous, but the people and the love I felt in that country is something that I won't be able to forget.


We went to Yamazaki grocery where Ramen and meals were relatively cheaper. Going inside are several other restaurants (which I think is far better and more authentic, but kinda more expensive. But worth the try.)

The Entrance

One of the restaurants inside.

Lovely setting eh?

This is what I ate. The Yamazaki Special Ramen. Don't be so shy to ask if this is good for two, because honestly it is good for four :) And the price is not bad, Php 218 for this one. It was ok, the soup was tasty, the beef is ok but needs more flavor.

If you are for miso, try this one.

Little Tokyo is located right beside Makati Cinema Square, Amorsolo corner Pasong Tamo. Go there at lunch and you'll see Japanese dining there and learn how they eat a ramen - the Japanese style.

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