Friday, June 22, 2012

The Nymphomaniac and The Android

The moment I finished watching 'Shame' I was gasping for air. I was literally panting for the fear that I would be caught masturbating or crying because of the ending. Lucky for me, I didn't reach either of that point.

Shame is one of my favorite movie last year (next to The Help, The Artist and The Iron Lady) and I was rooting for Michael Fassbender to win the acting plum. I'm not disappointed, since Jean Dujardin undeniably deserves the award.

The film was dark and gritty. But Michael's acting was so intense and haunting, there will be moments that you will feel his desperation and helplessness. It is not a pornographic film, it is a man's battle to win against a disease. And that scene where he was listening at his sister's (played by the lovely Carey Mulligan) rendition of "New York, New York", it was so dramatic my eyes were melting in tears.

Well enough of Shame, it has been almost two-years already. Fast-forward to Ridley Scott's newest Sci-Fi film "Prometheus".

Touted as the quasi-prequel to "Alien", I really didn't mind that because honestly I don't recall much memory from Alien. Aside from the orgasmic blinding visuals and the philosophical undertones, I was drawn much to Fassbender's role as David, the super-intelligent android who helps the entire members of Prometheus find the answer the questions they are all looking for. 

He was go good I was so teary-eyed when we was beheaded (the only beheading scene you will ever see in without the gruesome sight of blood).

I am not really a critic, I don't have the expertise to deconstruct a film and find flaws in structure in plot. I am always looking for the acting, how each character will deliver the role and ultimately contribute to the entirety of the film. Charlieze Teron, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender were my favorites. I felt that some characters are unnecessary and these three actors alone can bring delight to the audience.

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