Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feature: New Store in Town | Bratpack Eastwood

I was about to accompany my friend to Missy last Friday and we came across this new store in Eastwood. You will never really find this one easily as it as it is located on the far side of the Eastwood Citywalk. Honestly, the only way I found it is because I needed to withdraw from an ATM and the store is located exactly right in front of it.

Anyway, it is a new BP store in town. Not really spacious but the store is organized very well. I immediately looked for the DSLR bag. I found one, costs around 1300Php but very slim.

(Photos courtesy of bratpack facebook official site)

I hope I could go back there as soon as I can. I wanna take another glimpse of the blue slippers I saw there. Too bad, there was no size 8 or 9. I guess it was a bestseller.

Take a look at this shelf. This is random finds nirvana. The vibrant colors are just inviting and makes you want to lay your hands to all the pieces. If you happened to be here, take a close look at the wristwatch they are selling (pardon, I forgot the name). Basta, it's a big, pastel-color wristwatch. At the bottom part of the shelf you will see the cool blue slipper I was talking about.

Hopefully, I will be back there again this weekend. For all your Eastpak, Jansport and Sanuk cravings, you can find it here in Bratpack. Too bad I missed the sale recently.

Oh don't forget to browse their hats collection :)

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