Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot Item: Panasonix Lumix LX5 is here

They say Lumix is getting the attention of DSLR users.

And Panasonic? Yes, Panasonic, this is not from the two titans - Canon and Nikon. This compact, almost DSLR-grade quality producing camera is a keeper.

I have no qualms or reviews about Lumix, but this one is getting some serious attention lately. So, are you willing to trade your entry-level SLR cam for this new toy?

Care to see the specs. Visit the Official Panasonic LX5 Tech Specs


10.1 megapixel Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera 

The 24mm of wide angle offers extraordinarily large viewing space and now the optical zoom is extended to 3.8x (90mm) making the LX5 even more versatile. The highly acclaimed 10.1-megapixel CCD in the LX3 has been redesigned to achieve the expansion of dynamic range by increasing the sensitivity and the saturation. The Venus Engine FHD is also redesigned for advanced signal processing in both photo and movie recording. The high sensitivity made possible by the new sensor and the superior signal processing by the new imaging engine especially elevates the picture quality in low light situations. For the movie recording, the Panasonic Lumix LX5 is newly compatible with long time high quality HD movie recording in AVCHD Lite in addition to the conventional motion JPEG format. A host of creative options including Creative Movie mode, My Color mode and Film mode are available for more extended expression not only in photography but also in videography. The external design is also improved to pursue high operability - the thickened grip for easier hold, the newly incorporated turn-and-push jog dial achieves various selection and setting more quickly. The hot shoe allows attachment of advanced accessories such as optional Live View Finder which helps shooting under strong daylight with high visibility. The 1:1 square format setting is added in the aspect ratio option which can be selected with the switch at the side of the lens barrel. 

First Impressions
by (Review)

While it’s hard to argue that the Panasonic LX5 doesn’t have everything you could ask for in a high-end compact camera, it does rather feel that you’re kept at arms length from it. It’s an obvious machine to use for point and press activity and there’s certainly enough automatic options to keep your shots properly exposed but, at the same time, there didn’t seem a lot to enjoy about it for DLSR or higher knowledge users looking for a kick around camera to keep on them at all times. Most of the manual fun was just too far from your fingertips to make that possible.
All the same, we certainly wouldn’t say that this isn’t a good machine. It works well. It takes great pictures, but somehow it just isn’t a whole lot of fun. People choosing it as a step up aren’t going to learn a lot from it and enthusiasts might rather play with something else. If you want a top notch point and press though, this might be what you’re after. 

By the looks of it, this one is a major eye candy. Lumix's strength can be derived from it's sheer compactness and awesome capabilities. Gadgets are getting smaller nowadays, and the smaller with greater features wins the battle of DSLR supremacy.

It's not gonna be the end of Canon and Nikon rivalry by the way. It will take a long time before Lumix can finally break the stereotype, but this one is definitely a threat. Lumix can be a viable and attractive for amateur and aspiring photographers as well as hobbyists. Besides, many still consider Lumix within the range of point-and-shoot category.

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