Saturday, July 10, 2010

Changing Corporate and Feature: Dean & Trent

The entire sales team of my company received a memo. The memo is about dress code. Oh no!

I knew it. The new management is about to take this seriously. The new OIC wants to create of culture of formality. Our current styles are laid-back. We can wear jeans and tees and rubber shoes (considering that our team is corporate business group) and we are free to stylize ourselves.

Now we are back to preppy. Time to unleash the long sleeves and neckties. Goodbye to folded sleeves and the skinny jeans. I will be embracing the new rules for now. I hope this will not gonna last forever.

Meanwhile, this is a random find. I saw this on Dean & Trent, but this was circa 2009 so I guess this line is no longer available. But this reminds me of last year's obsession with plaid shirts.

I came across Dean & Trent store in Crossings Trinoma lately and I gotta say, there were items that makes me really buy it instantly. The collection is a bit unorganized (maybe perhaps the salesladies at the store are not paying attention to their customers), but nevertheless I consider this store as one of my favorites. It's very young, simple and current. The materials are not heavy and the styles are very easy to match. The price is also reasonable.

I asked the saleslady where I can find the Hampton Shorts (that was featured on Rogue Magazine) but they were like, 'ano daw?' So I guess I need to go somewhere else.

You can learn more about Dean & Trent here.

You can see their latest collection here. One of my favorite is this.

Will go one of their stores again and see if we can pick-up something.

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