Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feature: 101 New York |

Oh lovely. The scorching summer heat is gone. These past few days, the gloomy skies are telling us that the La Nina is impending. The rainy season is officially open.

Now, get rid of your summer shorts and shoes. Let go of your flip-flops and turn your closet upside down. Get those cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, blazers, jackets and coats and put your best rain-proof shoes on!

So here I am once again, exploring the web with the most relevant and cool style items for these rainy months.

You may want to wear a Cardigan instead of the thick, collared rain-proof jackets that will make you hyperventilate sometimes. Remember, no matter how cold the rain can bring to us, we are still on a tropical country once we step out of an air-conditioned room.

A cardigan is made of wool or cotton, a type of sweater but relatively lighter. This could be machine or hand-knitted. If you prefer just a simple layer and not to warm you, a cardigan would be a great choice. You can't really find a cardigan everywhere, it is usually common for the ladies' line.

This black cardigan from Topman is perfect.

Or you may want to go to 101 New York store to find the best shirt, cardigan or jackets. I shopped here last year (around the same month July-August and bought) and bought two piece of hoodies. Will show the pics later.

101 New York is definitely not part of your shopping store list, but I must admit, this store can be very tempting. 101 NY is very black and whitey (their hues are more of gray, black and white shades) which is an absolute eye candy for me. For me this triumvirate of colors are the best palette for your closet.

Summer colors are over, and I have a personal bias for this hues (black and white) during this gloomy, dark weathers. There is a certain mood in this gloomy weather that makes me want to wear white or black.

Their pieces are very current, complex or modern but not too avant garde. They have a lot of good pieces. Make sure to fit each one of them as you need to feel whether you are comfortable wearing it.

This one is my favorite

And so is this one. I <3 this....

Be a Fan and See their latest collection here

Remember, you need not to go to Zara to buy clothes. There are plenty of underrated stores out there that you can choose from. And by the way, Zara is still on sale, FYI.

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