Saturday, July 17, 2010

iPhone Antenna Dilemma Fix? Case or just get a good grip?

"Phones are not perfect" says Steve Jobs. Apple recently came under fire because of the antenna/reception problems experienced by the recent buyers of the ultra-hyped iPhone 4.

It's like an oil spill. Steve Jobs must be very angry with the consumer reports telling that the latest iPhone has a 'death grip'. Apple's answer - refund or free cases.
Though the iPhone 4 set record sales for Apple with more than 3 million units already sold, it was saddled with reception problem soon after its launch. Users complained loss of signal strength when the device is held in the left hand or the hand covers the seam separating the gadget’s two perimeter radio antennas. Apple in its response said the reception problem is due to a mistake in the formula calculating how much bar of signal strength to display. 

But, soon after the Consumer Reports said it would not recommend iPhone 4 to potential customers, Apple held the press conference to resolve the problem. However, Jobs sounded critical of the media coverage given to the iPhone’s antenna issues and said other smartphones too have reception problem. [ ]
Watch this video demonstrating the antenna problem.

I haven't laid my hands on an iPhone 4 yet, but seriously, who would grip an iPhone4 like that? But anyway, Apple must do something about this. They created a great marketing tool to sell millions of this. This could hurt them in a very long run since competition is getting more intense nowadays.

If you can't get a grip. Take a Blackberry or an Android for a walk :)

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